Creating Functional Web Sites

Web design is not only about making your site look good. It is about creating a functional presence that allows visitors to easily consume the message and interact, participate and potentially become your prospect. We do a lot of work for a variety of businesses and all our work is done so that companies can get new clients. It is web design with a purpose, functional web design. A good example of a functional website is the one we created for a client recently.

The primary goal is to showcase the company’s services and present a clear and easy way for visitors to contact the company.

New Clients

Getting new clients is one of the foremost reasons why any company would make the step to create a new site. The new site needs to be designed in a way so that visitors get the message within only a few seconds after they arrive on the page.

Better Engagement

Having a way for the visitors to engage your content is very important. It all depends on what your end goal is. If you are trying to build a stronger social media presence then showcasing your social media buttons at a prominent place is very important.

All in all you need to plan before you have a designer start work on your site. Think about all the things you want to achieve besides looking good, categorize them, rank them based.

You can learn more about functional web design here.

Pest Control Web Design

pestcontroltoronto.comOur most recent client is Pest Control Toronto Inc. A Toronto,¬† based pest control company that performs pest and wildlife control, needed a new website to showcase its products and services. Our approach for this design was straight forward, the client needed something functional, clean and a design that worked. Visitors are looking for an immediate solution to a pest or wildlife problem. The site is designed with this immediate need in mind, giving the company the best possible conversions to call for every visitor they get. With conversions, ease of navigation and a professional look in mind we worked on creating something “to-the -point”, clean and functional.


The website is accessible through all platforms including mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. We used HTML 5 for the site to give it an automatic responsiveness. In other words, the design is adaptive to the specific platform a visitor is using to get there.

The message needed to get through to the visitor right away. Immediately identify the value proposition of the company. That is why we present the value proposition above the fold and we did so graphically.  Visitors have the option to navigate easily to the services section, learn more about specific pests in the pest database section.


The company needed to create a brand presence. The blue, red and white color combination was what the client preferred. We designed a logo that is now featured on employee uniforms and trucks. The grid design allowed us to showcase all the important information on the main page of the site.

If you are interested in having our design team work on your site, contact us for a consultation. You can find out more about the launching of the new site by taking a look at the associated press release here.