Creating Functional Web Sites

Web design is not only about making your site look good. It is about creating a functional presence that allows visitors to easily consume the message and interact, participate and potentially become your prospect. We do a lot of work for a variety of businesses and all our work is done so that companies can get new clients. It is web design with a purpose, functional web design. A good example of a functional website is the one we created for a client recently.

The primary goal is to showcase the company’s services and present a clear and easy way for visitors to contact the company.

New Clients

Getting new clients is one of the foremost reasons why any company would make the step to create a new site. The new site needs to be designed in a way so that visitors get the message within only a few seconds after they arrive on the page.

Better Engagement

Having a way for the visitors to engage your content is very important. It all depends on what your end goal is. If you are trying to build a stronger social media presence then showcasing your social media buttons at a prominent place is very important.

All in all you need to plan before you have a designer start work on your site. Think about all the things you want to achieve besides looking good, categorize them, rank them based.

You can learn more about functional web design here.

Pest Control Web Design

pestcontroltoronto.comOur most recent client is Pest Control Toronto Inc. A Toronto,  based pest control company that performs pest and wildlife control, needed a new website to showcase its products and services. Our approach for this design was straight forward, the client needed something functional, clean and a design that worked. Visitors are looking for an immediate solution to a pest or wildlife problem. The site is designed with this immediate need in mind, giving the company the best possible conversions to call for every visitor they get. With conversions, ease of navigation and a professional look in mind we worked on creating something “to-the -point”, clean and functional.


The website is accessible through all platforms including mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. We used HTML 5 for the site to give it an automatic responsiveness. In other words, the design is adaptive to the specific platform a visitor is using to get there.

The message needed to get through to the visitor right away. Immediately identify the value proposition of the company. That is why we present the value proposition above the fold and we did so graphically.  Visitors have the option to navigate easily to the services section, learn more about specific pests in the pest database section.


The company needed to create a brand presence. The blue, red and white color combination was what the client preferred. We designed a logo that is now featured on employee uniforms and trucks. The grid design allowed us to showcase all the important information on the main page of the site.

If you are interested in having our design team work on your site, contact us for a consultation. You can find out more about the launching of the new site by taking a look at the associated press release here.

The Need For Good Design

As a result of rapid growth of the web marketing the businesses are compelled to upgrade their sites on a regular basis simply because they understand the value of keeping it simple for his or her prospective clients and consumers.


The rise of the web marketing has permitted the multi-national companies to help make probably the most of it because for them spending large amount on websites is never an issue, rather it has assisted them to save a great deal of money on advertising their services and products. With this great increase, smaller businesses have found hard to compete with their rivals and certainly one of the primary reasons is really an excellent site.


There are lots of important characteristics of a great site but nothing more important than the information and the website design. Most businesses do have sites, however they are either obsolete or poorly designed and also this influences the company which most companies usually do not even recognize. If one wants a powerful presence on the web, one needs to create a site with the most sophisticated technology that connects with the visitors immediately.


Before hiring a web development firm, it really is required to know the company you run, the sector you have been in because based on these factors the site could be designed. A good thing to do would be to establish a goal and goal to obtain probably the most of it. You will find web development organizations that may design sites in line with the size and the effectiveness of the business like Flash web design, corporate internet site design, business web design, and Micro web design among many others.


It really is apparent that one would perhaps not be conscious of the most recent technologies and tendency and only a well seasoned internet design business would have the ability to show you. You will need to notice that a great internet designing firm would design a site that is easy to use and conveys the message to the visitors in the simplest and most subtle manner.


The look of the site is performed in line with the algorithms of the important search engine portals that will assist in giving a much better position on the search engine portals like Google, Yahoo and so forth.
Mistakes are made by most web designers by making use of way too many pictures that effect the position of the site. A great site may have the best proportion of words and pictures. There needs to be different links for the products and services provided by the business.


The Home Page must be designed with a great deal of thought and must express the notion and the goal of the business. It ought to be based on the motif of the business and search engine marketing friendly as well. The designs should be interactive and maybe not too brilliant. Most designers have a tendency to place an excessive amount of information on a single page; a bad experience is created by this for the visitors because they usually do not want to scroll down and up.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is an method of web design by which a website is created by a designer with the intention to offer an optimum viewing experience. In other words, allowing for easy reading and navigation. What responsive design does would be to minimize panning, resizing, and scrolling. Responsive design is implemented on sites which can be meant to be seen across a broad variety of devices from desktop computer screens to cell phones.


To be able to produce a responsive design for the site, you will need to concentrate on these variables.


Designing for multiple platforms – It really is no longer adequate to create just for laptop and desktop computer users. You must also be sure that your web site – and every important part of it – will interpret efficiently irrespective of the apparatus and browser a man is making use of to get your site.


Flexible or automatically resized pictures – It is necessary that you make strategic use of images because they are one of the more difficult parts to integrate and adjust with cellular layouts. When you do use an image, you must also ensure that it really is programmed to resize and fit the demands or limits of a cellular layout.

Comprehensive labeling – Internet search engine robots could possibly have a lot more than just a little confused if they crawl around your cellular site. Because your content may also be compressed to fit the parameters of your cellular layout, lack of labels can cause the content of your site to be all jumbled up. Your human readers might perhaps not be confused, but internet search engine robots do not always hold exactly the same sense of instinct your human readers have. Over all, it is much better to play it safe and protect your internet search engine position by meticulously labeling your text and making good use of subheadings whenever appropriate.
Routine monitor checks – Even though responsive designs are becoming ever more popular, they are still pretty new. As a result, you may still find plenty of glitches to smooth out on the way. It could be better over all if you had been to frequently check up on the mobile version of your site simply to see if every thing is working the way in which it should.

Why Do I Would Like a Responsive Web site Design At This Time?

Now may be the operative word in this instance. Because the statistical evidence below will show, it is critical that you make the required changes to your site at the earliest opportunity. Or even, the gap between you and your competitors will simply continue steadily to increase – and at an exponential rate at that.


We have over 10 years of experience in website development and graphic design so we understand the power of communication, the value of providing an affordable product, what works and what doesn’t, and the necessity of maintaining a high level of service to our clients.


Our experience in the internet business world gives us great insight and we add this experience to all our websites for the success of our customers. Our focus is to deliver the best possible service at an affordable price not to mention a touch of friendly customer service.


Please take the time to view our services, website packages and the process by which we work
with a client to take your ideas and turn them into successful online businesses.